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I'm getting way ahead of myself

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I'm sitting here folding laundry and listening to Robbie Williams, picturing myself rocking out to Robbie Williams when I arrive in Scotland.


Give me Texas wisdom
Massive systems
And a luscious behind
Mother said, Son if you do it too long you'll go blind
1. My hometown hockey team sealed the deal at home and took the GOLD!! It'd been way more fun to follow them, but.. Elitserien isn't exactly on basic cable.
2. My lease has been taken over for May, so I won't have to worry about the rent any more.
3. Mum, her friend and I will be making a second dress for me in the coming weekend.
4. Edinburgh is the #1 city in the world for artistic inspiration
5. It's raining. This is Texas, that's pretty awesome news.

ETA: I take back #5, the hail is getting pretty bad. Apparently Coppell has already reported hail that is 2 inches in diameter :S


Quotes of happiness from today's AB:

Who supplies most of the atmosphere?
- Chippen is a fucking happy pill, I have to say. He's everywhere and nowhere. He's awesome for the team. (grym: bad but in the cool way)
How is he?
- He's like a three-year-old sometimes. But so are the rest of us. He's bad, he's always too fucking happy and I don't think I've ever seen him upset. Regardless of the time, in the morning or at night, he's always happy and that kind of thing is of course contagious.

Vem bidrar mest till den stämningen?
– Chippen är ett jävla glädjepiller, det måste jag säga. Han är överallt och ingenstans. Han är grym för laget.
Hur är han?
– Han är som en treåring ibland. Men det är vi andra också. Han är grym, han är alltid för jävla glad och jag tror aldrig jag har sett honom grinig. Oavsett när det är, på morgonen eller kvällskvisten, han är alltid glad och sådant smittar ju av sig så klart.


Mine are going to be simple. I rarely make resolutions because I have a short attention span and little interest in my weight if I'm honest, even though it grosses me out.

But if it's simple, maybe I'll do it.

1. I won't be petty. I often have been, and while I recognize it is very childish and mostly backfires, it is a cyclic messy mess that grows ever messier. So, I will try my best to not be a petty person, even though I don't honestly know what a better alternative is. Poor ex wifey will probably be getting a lot of "give me advice" texts.

That said, this resolution will not restrict my love of Tom Petty.

2. I will spend one day a week without a computer and without casual texting, and instead spend that day in the fresh air, studying, cleaning or reading a book. Supplemental to this resolution: I will read one book per week. It doesn't have to be all in that one day, it probably shouldn't be either, ideally, but one a week.

I would appreciate book recommendations from anybody!

OK, so maybe #2 is difficult, but I think it will do me a world of good. Right? I mean, Dean King (how cool is that name? Dean King.) must have said it for a reason at our commencement.

With 2010 ending and 2011 just around the corner, I asked my grandma to read my future (my fate, literally) in Turkish coffee (I'm not making this up). From what she sees, it's all bright skies and hard work ahead. I had a long, long road ahead of me in life, but it bears success (God willing and all my salt over one shoulder, etc). There's a great boat that I will sail on in my near future, and a crow that is seated on it, bearing good news (This makes me think of Edinburgh, because the only way I am willing to travel to Scotland is by boat. The only boat that takes dogs onboard is a massive, elite luxury boat).

There is a cat that is looking at me, a friend that claws at me no matter what I do for her. There is a bright candle, and new friends in my future. There is a guy that likes me, but it's one sided.

There were eyes in my reading, which in our culture is seen as the evil eye, the jealous eye. Both my grandmas and my mum burned esvand for me to ward off evil thoughts, wishes and any ill will of the evil eye.

There is a plane in my future, and I fly after a V, victory, and a free bird. Grandma is very happy for me, and really, that's all I need. I've gone on less.

I love these readings she does, they're amazing, and frighteningly accurate. It terrifies me every year that "this one might be the last" God forbid.
What about mastication? That's one of my favorites, man..Collapse )

I totally want the last one on a t-shirt. Birthday present?

ETA: What's with the dodo in the road sign?

PS. The nerd in me wishes to specify that the dinosaur in the last picture is an apatosaurus, most commonly mistaken to be a brontosaurus. There is actually no such thing as a brontosaurus. Who'd have thunk it?

it's amazing how particular ones taste in christmas music can be. there hasn't been a year where i just wish wish wish i had the beautiful songs i grew up with.

to do!

i think this is the only place where i haven't converted to capitalizing properly yet :S i feel strangely inconsistent even though it's clearly completely unimportant.

she's 11:15 and i'm still in my yumyum robe (yumyum = expression describing "don't wanna do anything but enjoy comfy robe" mood). so here's the plan! (lets see how well i stick to it..):

1. walk the pup
2. fine arts library for
2a) read for abused and neglected children
2b) federalist papers (hamilton/jay/madison I LOATHE YOU!)
2c) read for dr. fong/disproportionality in child welfare system
2d) try to find a freaking safety school, please? something under 40K a year, pls.
3. perhaps another walk with the dog?
4. veg!

in other news, leonard cohen is the apex of my existential mood at the moment.. should i be concerned? i think i need to watch evelyn and have myself a good cry or something, flush out the system.

i'm kinda proud of myself,

i made this :D. i mean, sure it's simple, but i like simple!

never say we lack a sense of humor

i'm so thoroughly enjoying the NT time.. aaand it's almost over :( lets see what happens tonight/day against scotland.